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VIP Girl Games, dress up games

VIP Girl Games, dress up games

  • New! Lilly Kissing Pet Salon Lilly the young beauty is in love and wants to spend sometime with her lover but she works in pets salon as pets stilist so she tries to give special attention to her boyfriend when he visits at her work. Help Lilly to look after the visitors and also kiss her boyfriend too. Be careful that none of the visitors as well as the manager of the salon catch them. While doing this keep a close eye on the watch too. 180 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Mr bean Mr. Bean is a British comedy television character who will go for a talk show tonight. He has lots of clothes in collection but not sure what will make him perfect. Help him to find out the best combination. 130 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Winx Maya Puzzle Winx Maya Puzzle is a nice multilevel puzzle game where your skill and memory both will be tested. Try to solve one level to go in the next level and score a good one with in the time. Good luck! 157 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Winx Shopping This young Winx chic will go for a shopping with her friends today. This girl has quality dresses, accessories in her collection but confused what to wear to look glamorous. Help her to dress up properly to maker her great. 127 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Dora Cards It\'s a lovely skill and memory game where you have to match the the same cards, complete each level to step up next level. Try to finish the game quickly and test your own memory. Have a nice time. 151 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Mysterious Forest Fairy Dress up this beautiful young fairy with latest trends fashionable clothes, costumes and accessories. Change her hairstyle so that everybody present in the wonderland praise her look. 145 Plays Rating 0

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio Dress up We have been called in to give our all-time favorite from the movies Inception and Titanic, Leonardo DiCaprio a complete dress up. Help him to choose what clothes, accessories and makeup to wear so that he can go to the next big film debut in style. 106 Plays Rating 0
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  • Kisses for toto Oh, boy, oh boy! Toto gets some kisses from the beautiful Tina, the lady puppy he invited to star in his first exclusive game: \"Wheres my Blankie?\". This time, you can enjoy Totos company in a very sweet kissing game, where you have to help the two puppies kiss without being seen by Lisa, Sisi or Mina. At first, Toto may appear to be shy by the pecks he receives from Tina, but as the levels get higher, Toto finds the courage to kiss Tina back! So help him collect all the kissing from this cute puppy and help the two cuties make-out without being noticed. Keep an eye out for any distractions and fill-up that kiss-o-meter! 127 Plays Rating 0
  • Sassy Susan DressUp Dress up Susan in a sassy style with various different outfits. There are a variety of shirts, pants, shoes, hair, skirts, and accessories for you to choose from to make her look her best. After you dress her up in a spunky style she can go to work with a 266 Plays Rating 0
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