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VIP Girl Games, dress up games

  • New! Crunchy kitchen A new cooking game "crunchy kitchen" with lots of fun for you where you can understand the requirements of cooking new dishes for your family and family so that they feel happy and appreciate your works. Come on girls, join this fast food game and find the opportunity to cook crunchy chicken. Follow the simple directions and mix up the ingredients accordingly to complete the making of this dish first and then move on for second step where you have to cook crunchy pizza. If you are looking for a crispy thin crust pizza that holds up under the pressure of your favorite toppings look no further! Grab the chance to make this preparation by mixing up the ingredients and then move for decoration of table. From the menu select the items as per you liking like table structure, plates, spoons, knives and forks, beverages to complete the decor and then serve the dish among your friends and family. So why are you wasting time? Just show your cooking and decoration skills and enjoy the crunchy kitchen game. 2 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Baby stomach upset Its a stomach upset for baby Timur and she needs proper nursing right now. Can you help her mom for a proper nursing? Lets show your nursing skills and start taking care of this baby. Follow steps to give him proper medicine and then use wet towel to make his stomach feel better. When its over carry on for the next step which is changing the diaper. If you do all properly then you will find baby Timur is OK and ready for an outing with his mom. All the best! 1 Plays Rating 0
  • New! My little angel Time to show your babysitting skills and make the baby happy. Her mother is very busy with other work so she needs your help for her makeover. Act as a professional babysitter and do all the task carefully. Start taking care of her, first give her toy when she wake up from bed, then you need to take her for bathing and switch on the water tap, use shampoo and then clean her well and dry up her with towel, keep in mind you need to supply right kind of toys while she bathing, after that cook some delicious food for her and feed her well. At the end dress up her with some nice clothes and accessories in order to complete her cute look. So girls, get ready for this new challenge and have fun playing this my little angel baby care game. 3 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Victoria Sponge Cake Before Cooking a Victoria Sponge Cake you need to know what is this sponge cake is. Well it is a cake based on flour, sugar, and eggs, sometimes leavened with baking powder which has a firm, yet well aerated structure, similar to a sea sponge. Are you ready to cook this delicious dish? Join this cooking game and follow the simple directions and complete the making. So girls, enjoy the preparation of a classic British cake, the Victoria sponge and have fun! 1 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Lilly Kissing Pet Salon Lilly the young beauty is in love and wants to spend sometime with her lover but she works in pets salon as pets stilist so she tries to give special attention to her boyfriend when he visits at her work. Help Lilly to look after the visitors and also kiss her boyfriend too. Be careful that none of the visitors as well as the manager of the salon catch them. While doing this keep a close eye on the watch too. 206 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Mr bean Mr. Bean is a British comedy television character who will go for a talk show tonight. He has lots of clothes in collection but not sure what will make him perfect. Help him to find out the best combination. 157 Plays Rating 0

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  • Monkeys Attack Banana is always prefered by monkeys and whenever they get chance to eat them they ready to catch that opportunity. Your aim is to protect the bananas by shooting up those monkeys before they reach on it. 152 Plays Rating 0
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  • Jennys Circus Show Jenny has got a chance to perform in the circus. She has always dream to be a great circus performer, just like her mom. Jenny is little afraid because its her first show, also she wants to prove herself and give her best performance. So its your task to help this girl to prove that she is best in the show. Avoid different types of difficulties during the game and collect different power ups to get extra bonus points. Make less mistakes to make Jenny popular. 117 Plays Rating 0
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