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VIP Girl Games, dress up games

  • New! Christmas Treat Christmas is here and would you like to prepare a very special X-Mas treat for your dear ones? Lets enjoy cooking with this new recipe and make your day very special. Just learn the super recipe from our chef who will guide you perfectly and so you will be a great cook too. Collect the ingredients first and then mix them up as per directions to complete the preparation of a yummy dish. When its done serve it among your friends and make sure all appreciate your cooking. So girls, put your cooking skills and give them a sweet treat for Christmas. Enjoy! 17 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Travel to HongKong Our pretty girl is getting ready for a holiday trip to Hong Kong but before that she needs to dress up own for this travel to Hong Kong. Would you like to help her? Would you be her fashion stylist? First take a look at her dresses, and pick the best one as per your liking and then style up her with proper hairdo and sparkling jewelries and a nice pair of fashionable shoes. Move on for next step and pack your luggage and collect visa and passport in order to complete boarding as without visa and passport she will not able to travel to Hong Kong. Come on girls, became her personal adviser ad complete the entire task to make her trip remarkable. 15 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Cute Elephant Makeover Do you love to take care of animals? Do you like to play pet games online? A new fun game is here to show your talent and skills. So dont waste anytime, just grab the opportunity and join this elephant makeover game where you have to do a fabulous makeover for this cute elephant. First of all wash its skin and hair with shampoo and then apply lotion and dry it to make those glow. Then move for make up session where you have to choose blushes, eye clor, eye liner, mascara and more items to do a pretty make up session for this animal. Then its time for a quick dress up session with the various clothes and accessories available in this game. Create some combinations before you finalize anyone, customize clothes, accessories as per your liking and also pick the elephant skin color and background color in order to complete a makeover. When the makeover process over share it with your friends and family. Have fun girls and kids! 27 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Crunchy kitchen A new cooking game "crunchy kitchen" with lots of fun for you where you can understand the requirements of cooking new dishes for your family and family so that they feel happy and appreciate your works. Come on girls, join this fast food game and find the opportunity to cook crunchy chicken. Follow the simple directions and mix up the ingredients accordingly to complete the making of this dish first and then move on for second step where you have to cook crunchy pizza. If you are looking for a crispy thin crust pizza that holds up under the pressure of your favorite toppings look no further! Grab the chance to make this preparation by mixing up the ingredients and then move for decoration of table. From the menu select the items as per you liking like table structure, plates, spoons, knives and forks, beverages to complete the decor and then serve the dish among your friends and family. So why are you wasting time? Just show your cooking and decoration skills and enjoy the crunchy kitchen game. 27 Plays Rating 0
  • New! Baby stomach upset Its a stomach upset for baby Timur and she needs proper nursing right now. Can you help her mom for a proper nursing? Lets show your nursing skills and start taking care of this baby. Follow steps to give him proper medicine and then use wet towel to make his stomach feel better. When its over carry on for the next step which is changing the diaper. If you do all properly then you will find baby Timur is OK and ready for an outing with his mom. All the best! 37 Plays Rating 0
  • New! My little angel Time to show your babysitting skills and make the baby happy. Her mother is very busy with other work so she needs your help for her makeover. Act as a professional babysitter and do all the task carefully. Start taking care of her, first give her toy when she wake up from bed, then you need to take her for bathing and switch on the water tap, use shampoo and then clean her well and dry up her with towel, keep in mind you need to supply right kind of toys while she bathing, after that cook some delicious food for her and feed her well. At the end dress up her with some nice clothes and accessories in order to complete her cute look. So girls, get ready for this new challenge and have fun playing this my little angel baby care game. 35 Plays Rating 0

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